Safer techno
More Precise
& Cost Effective

Accurate Sensing Technology
with many Features & Applications

Confortable Design

Our Pain-Less flexible design allows an easy-screening while keeping an accurate imaging. The device can be easily adapted to all breast sizes, and also for Men, (because 1% of men can also develop Breast Cancer). The system is easy and fast to wear for either a 1 min screenning or continious screening during several days (for the case of treatment monitoring).

Safe Non-Ionising Imaging

Our technology is evaluated rigourosly to achieve the minimum SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) requested by the international authorities (below 1.6 W/Kg averaged over 1 gram) to have a same or lower energy than a Phone, bluetooth antenna or WiFi. Thanks to its design, it can be used for long periods of time without any health issues.

High Resolution by AI

Our AI technology allows to enhance the aimed image resolution, Thanks to our Epsilon-Sensing Technology, our system can recognise the Dielectric Properties of each tissue by Pixel or Voxel achieving a precise distinction of tissues even in dense Breasts (with clear difference between benign and malign tumors for up to ~ 1 mm). The several embedded AI algorithms alows our system to economize resources, energy, and keep being cost-effective with a small device size.

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We are a group of Researchers, Engineers and Students from different universites all over the world with a single objective to enhance health by "sensing for life..."

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